Thursday, December 10, 2009

When holiday shopping goes terribly wrong...

Harley-Davidson Barbie, originally uploaded by alington.
Barbie rode her Harley-Davidson to do some Christmas shopping, and even the shopping queen loses her temper when items aren't in stock, or advertised prices aren't honored! She pitched a little fit, and got her way.

[Just kidding!]

This gorgeous doll is another one of Lauren's birthday presents. I took photos of her yesterday while she was at school, before Barbie gets much play. She's quite pretty--and a bargain at $15 from TJ Maxx.

Her "leather" chaps are pink, and her bustier really laces. She has a huge angel tattoo on her back. The gunmetal hoop earrings add to her overall look. Her smokey eyes and neutral lips give her some extra oomph.

I love this doll. You can see more photos of her on Picasa, or on my Flickr photostream.

Like her? If you do, and don't have a TJ Maxx close to you, she's on sale at Amazon right now for $22.29, instead of $45: Barbie Collector Harley Davidson Doll


  1. Impressive pictures! You're quite good with a camera.

  2. Thanks, M.J.! Actually, I think I just get lucky. It's my husband who is the photographer, and he has this really, really expensive Nikon, which I know very little about, LOL!

    But on the plus side, I do know how to change the lens, and we've got a great macro that I love for dolls. And if I use the tripod, and it's a lucky day, it's great to have an expensive piece of equipment on your side. (Especially since it didn't come out of my dolly budget!!)


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