Wednesday, December 2, 2009

In celebration of Royalty...

Strike a pose, originally uploaded by alington.
Just because she's beautiful, I found an older snapshot of True Royalty Vanessa to post on my blog today. She's still one of my all-time favorite dolls. I just love her.

Vanessa is one of my favorite Fashion Royalty sculpts--I think I like her because of her open mouth. She looks so pouty and haughty. I bought this doll on the secondary market (just the doll (with her hair down), the gown, choker and shoes), and I found the jewelry, which I think matches really well, from LVNV Dolls.

Seeing this photo, and the others from this set, makes me think I'd better take some more photos of my Fashion Royalty dolls pretty soon. They are such fun to pose and play with. I'd love to find a ball-jointed doll who is about this size, who could share clothing with Barbies and FR dolls, too. I think Soom makes one, actually. She's on my wish list!

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