Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Poppy Parker Holiday in the Hamptons

If you're looking for this limited edition set, you can find it for $299.99 from Joe's List and the Doll Peddlar, which, I might add, is double the original retail price of $150. But if you didn't win the lottery, this is what you have to do to get her, I suppose.

She's an auburn haired doll with blue eyes and pink lipstick (which, frankly, surprises me--how many redheads do you know who regularly sport pink lipstick?), and she's really adorable. She includes three outfits: a polkadot playsuit, a black cocktail dress, and turquoise blouse and lime green capri combo.

Photos courtesy Integrity Toys and Joe's List.

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  1. Great dress. Auburn really isn't true red. It has some nice browns in it, too, and don't forget all the girls in the 60's who wore WHITE lipstick. Well, maybe very pale pink. Poppy Parker can pull it off.


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