Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Barbie Fashionista Glam

Barbie Fashionista Glam, originally uploaded by alington.
Barbie Fashionistas Glam Dollis resting her feet after a long day shopping. Actually, she looks refreshed and ready to get going! (Totally in her element, as only Barbie can be.) All the cool shoes and accessories are by Fashion Royalty and Dynamite Girls.

This is a very, very fun Barbie. She's super articulated and cheap. As in, inexpensive. And look at her! She's adorable! (She's not mine, actually--my six year-old got her as a birthday gift yesterday, and I took photos of her while Lauren was at school.)

Her outfit is surprisingly cute for a playline doll, as are her shoes and accessories (a purse). But these are in short supply at our local Target. They only had blonde, blue-eyed white girls in stock. (Come on, people. Get with the times!)

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