Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A fresh start on my Barbie wish list

A fresh look at a few lovely ladies I'd like to add to my 12" inch and smaller collection:
  • Madame Du Barbie designed by Bob Mackie, from 1997. This doll is pretty pricey, but as she's inspired by Marie Antoinette, I don't see how I can avoid adding her to my collection. She's gorgeous and glamorous, as only Barbie can be.
  • From 2004, Versace Barbie. Because this is one of my favorite designers, the doll embodies the ultimate in softness and structure with her hip-hugging corset and chiffon ruffles. Drama at its best, and most muted in the softness of the taupe shade. I love it.
  • Mbili by Byron Lars, 2002. The drama, the color, and the oomph of this doll is just amazing. I can't believe how gorgeous she is. Ostrich feathers, beads, ribbons, and those blue boots together make up an absolutely gorgeous ensemble of avant garde couture.
What about you? Do you have any grails you'd like to add to your collection in 2010? I'm sure I won't be adding all of these ladies to my collection next year, but heck, a girl sure can dream. And why not post it to my blog before the holiday season so my well-wishers can get a nice little hint!
Photos courtesy of Mattel and WOW Barbie.


  1. I've had my eye on a 90's Mackie FOREVER: the 1990 Bob Mackie Gold Barbie.


    I can't say that I'll be getting her in 2010 (because, really, the economy will have to cooperate with me just a liiiiittle bit more before I start filling in holes in my collection).

    But a girl can dream.

  2. Oh--she's lovely! She *reminds* me just a little bit of this year's Golden Legacy, only more refined and elegant. :)

    Maybe this was a dangerous question to ask--my wish list is going to suffer terribly! ;)


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