Thursday, December 3, 2009

Barbie Winter Sparkle Holiday Tree

Another one-of-a-kind auction item that could be yours is the Barbie-themed 6.5' Christmas tree, trimmed with over 50 custom-made ornaments, which celebrate Barbie's 50th anniversary. It's a collaborative creation of Mattel artists and designers, and it can be yours with a starting bid of $500.

The "snow-kissed" tree is pre-lit with pink lights for easy assembly. The ornaments include laser-cut Barbie signatures and silhouettes with a mirror-finish, hand-glittered snowflakes, gem-encrusted baubles, and frosty pink mini Original Teenage Fashion Model™ Barbies. Adorning the tree top is a gorgeous Generations of Dreams™ doll with one-of-a-kind (maybe even pink??) hair and face painting. To complete the look: a reversible tree skirt: trimmed in sparkling pink tulle, one side is the reproduction of original Barbie illustrations; the other a sequined print of the Barbie signature in 219C pink.

All proceeds of this auction will also benefit Project Angel Food. The auction closes on December 14, 2009 at 12:06 PM EST. (Go ahead! It's for a good cause! And check out the other amazing items while you're there.)

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  1. Oh I Love this "Holiday" Christmas Tree, Allison! What a Great Find! Thanks for posting it as I might not have ever known. Of course I can't afford it. But Wow, what a Christmas gift this would make for Barbie. ~Ken


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