Friday, December 11, 2009

Boogie Beach Jasper

Boogie Beach Jasper, originally uploaded by alington.
Another new arrival (via my daughter's birthday) is Boogie Beach Jasper. She's a unique Dynamite Girl--we own quite a few DGs, and her body feels like it has a little "grip" to it, like Splash, from the Wave II collection of the Monsieur Z dolls (also by Integrity Toys). But it makes her skin very matte, and it gives her a nice feel.

He hair is blonde and heavily gelled, but it's pretty. Her eyes are green with applied brush-type lashes, lips shocking pink. She comes wearing a fuchsia bathing suit, a windbreaker and platform sandals, which make her slightly too tall for her stand.

She has some fun accessories: aviator-style sunglasses, hoop earrings, a bracelet, a clear vinyl tote with rainbow striped handles, two 33rpm records and a magazine called "Feather." As in, that's what you do to your hair. So late 1970s. And funny.

Her hands remove for easy dressing, and she's a dream to pose. She's really fun. See more photos on my Picasa photo album or Flickr photostream.

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