Saturday, December 19, 2009

Barbie Basic Model No. 5

Barbie Basic Model No. 5 -

The Kayla/Lea sculpt. I think she may have to come home to me at some point.

I do wish their bodies were a little more posable, but I've seen some of these girls rebodied successfully on Fashionistas. I know we're adding a couple of those to the girls' collection this Christmas.  Hmm...

I think I have a type of seasonal affect disorder--it hits me pretty hard during the months of November and December. The only thing that fixes me is shopping. Usually for sparkling, glittering or pretty things. I think Lea would help. Think she would count as a medical expense?

Ack. Time to do something besides "research." Maybe a shower would help?

Photo courtesy of Mattel.

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