Monday, December 7, 2009

A Fairy Tiff...

A fairy tiff, originally uploaded by alington.
I have been posting photos of these girls on my other blog, the Fashion Doll Review. But they only measure 14 cm tall (about 5.5"), so from now on, my Elfdoll Tinies will be making their appearances here.

This is Kai, on the left, and Olivia, who apparently are in some stage of disagreement. When I walked in, they had both been trying on some new outfits they had received from the ball-jointed doll convention that was held on Saturday, December 5, here in San Diego. I bought the gowns from Clochette (from Pixiedust Deisgns), who has a wonderful collection of tinies herself. And wow, has my wish list ever multiplied. I hardly know where to start!

At any rate, Kai grabbed both necklaces for herself and got them tangled. Olivia apparently has had enough and said, "Fine! You just keep them!" And she's now on the pout.

So for those of you wondering why you'd need a sleeping face doll, here's an example of what you can  do with one. Olivia is definitely not sleeping here!

These girls are absolutely precious. They have personality bursting from their faces. You can move their arms just a tiny bit, and they seem to change expressions. Such fun!

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