Thursday, December 3, 2009

Queen V

Queen V, originally uploaded by alington.
Again, in celebration of all things fabulous, this is Queen V (Veronique), another one of my grail Fashion Royalty dolls. (This shot is from an older photo shoot.) She is a Dollybird exclusive doll, limited edition of 450, inspired by Queen Elizabeth I, sort of reimagined, I believe.

I adore her for many, many reasons:
  • Her ultra pale pink skin makes the contrast of her blue eyes pop.
  • Her lovely hair is in a wonderfully complex pin-curl up-do.
  • Her face-up is simply to die for--it's neutral and soft.
  • Her fabulous gown is very well made, encrusted with gems and trimmed with lace, historically inspired while still be 100% couture and modern. See more photos on Flickr and Mobile Me.
  • Her jewelry is also quite amazing and over the top. Even her crown is well-made.
  • Her shoes are lovely--she included two sets.
  • Her lingerie--oh my--is wonderful. It includes real working garters!
True, she is quite pricey when you can find her. But she is still listed at close to her original retail price of $325, unlike True Royalty Vanessa. If you can find her, and afford her, you won't be disappointed. Manika has her listed for $350. AMC Collection has her listed for $385. And BIC Co, Ltd has her listed for 34,000 Yen (about $396). Stay away from Ebay, though--those auctions have her listed for about $425-450.

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