Thursday, November 11, 2010

Barbie Basic 1.5 Model 003

Barbie Basic 1.5 Model 003, originally uploaded by alington.

This lovely Barbie Basics doll is from the 1.5 collection, and is Model 003 (Steffie face). She is wearing a J-Doll outfit, and accessories from the Gold Accessory pack (also Barbie Basics line).

I may try to repaint her lips a more neutral tone, at some point--her original outfit was a black taffeta dress with pink trim, which I assume her pink lipstick is supposed to match.

You can see more photos of her on Flickr.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Don't forget!

Don't forget to follow us over at the Fashion Doll Review blog now. We've added a couple of great contributors over there, including Shuga-Shug and Kathie (aka BarbieKenScout on her eBay store, Kathie's Fashion Dolls), who add to the conversation about 11-12" fashion dolls.

I'm about to start a short series on the Steffie sculpt, too. Thanks!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The new blog is done!

The Fashion Doll Review is up and running. While I plan to leave this blog functioning, I will now be posting (along with several other authors who are more knowledgeable in the field of Barbie, vintage Barbie, Tiny Kitty, Momoko, Fashion Royalty, Poppy Parker, FR Nippon, Takara Jenny, Blythe, and other fashion dolls) from that new site.

If you don't already follow the Fashion Doll Review, I'd love it if you'd join us there. Please leave us comments on what you'd like to hear! Thanks so much!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Blog update...

Hello, dear readers,

I'm in the process of combining the Fashion Doll Review with the Barbie Queue blog once more. Within a week or so, I should have some news regarding these new plans, I hope. I'm excited about them, and I hope you will be, too!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

New releases from Barbie - photos are here

In my regular newsletter from Vogue's Collectibles, and I was delighted to see several new photos in there. Both sets are ready for pre-order from your favorite Barbie dealer.

First, a set that is terribly tempting to the shoe fetish that reside deep in my sole, is the Christian Louboutin Shoe pack. This Gold Label set retails for $69.95 and includes nine pairs of adorable shoes (replicas of actual shoes from the Louboutin line) and a few shoe boxes. They are so cute. These are due to ship in September 2010.

Second, the next in line for the Ladies of the 80s series, Jennifer Beals from 1983's Flashdance. She retails for $39.95, and I believe she uses the Mackie face mold. Her outfit uses the sweatshirt and leg warmers. The chair isn't included, and the pillows are chipboard and a part of the packaging. My only comment here is one noted by Dolls of Color's latest blog, and that's the color of her skin--she's very white, which I find rather interesting, to say the least.
These aren't quite ready for pre-order yet. From the Barbie Basics line, we've seen photos of the new Barbie Basics Wave 2. I must add Wave 2 #2, as Steffie is a staple in this house. Additionally, I've finally found real promo photos of the Basic 1.5 Shoe Pack Accessory #8, which includes 18 pairs of shoes. CUte! Love the zebra! And more fun clothing, jacket, skirt and purse accessories are included in Basic Look 1.5 Accessory #5 set. Both retail for #22.99.
Photos property of Mattel.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dal Charlotte on sale at The Doll Market

If you're a fan of ball gowns or historical fashion, check out this adorable Dal (Pullip's friend by Jun Planning) on sale at the Doll Market for $109.97 (retail $130). The Doll Market also offers a price matching guarantee as well, if you can find her for less.

This lovely strawberry blonde pouty-faced Dal is dressed in a gorgeous yellow gown, trimmed with blue and salmon ribbon flowers, lace and ribbons. Her hair is an intricate braided updo with ringlets on the sides, and to top off the look is a gorgeous yellow hat.

Photo property of the Doll Market and Jun Planning.

The No. 10 "Scandal"

Barbie Fashionista Glam, originally uploaded by alington.
I think I first read about the scandal on a doll blog this morning (and of course, I can't remember which), and it was all over Twitter. If you read about Barbie on the web, I'm sure you've heard of the latest Barbie "scandal" involving the gorgeous Basic Barbie No. 10, who is considered "too busty" for younger girls.

When I saw the original interviews (and the "extensive" one minute 25 second story), I noticed several things:
  1. The reporter of the story is comparing collector dolls designed for adults (Barbie Basics) to playline dolls. It occurs to me that the general public perhaps really doesn't know there is a difference. Would a mother really buy her daughter a $20 doll dressed only in a black dress and shoes? 
  2. The first woman who is interviewed is wearing a deep v-necked shirt, which is quite flattering for her figure. While she isn't quite as perky as the Barbie, it's still fairly low cut. I wonder if she realizes that her wardrobe choices possibly minimizes the importance her complaint about the doll.
  3. Then, when the woman holds up the "right kind" of doll, she displays an older style Doll of the World Barbie, who is dressed in traditional costume. This is one type of collector doll which included world heritage costumes. Barbie Basics are fashion models, and they are fashion dolls. They shouldn't be wearing ruffles, turtlenecks and full-length gowns, because, even this woman's own wardrobe reflects, this is not what current fashion dictates.
  4. The second woman discusses the idea of introducing age-appropriate Barbies to her girls, and is fascinated by "middle-aged adult women" who pay "up to $100" for a doll. This sort of points out an extreme lack of awareness in the public of doll collectors. Check out Mattel's press release of the most expensive Barbie by Canturi, which was valued at over $545,000 for more on this subject.
  5. Finally, the doll in question is a black doll. Both women interviewed in the story are white. In the women's homes, I only saw white dolls. This doesn't mean that they don't have any non-white dolls, of course. But I wonder if the underlying source of this "wardrobe complaint" wasn't really rooted in something more subversive. One of the things I really like about the Barbie Basics line is the dolls' diversity. I was impressed with the variety of sculpts and skin tones that Mattel usually doesn't tackle very well. It seems to me that racism is very deeply rooted in our society, and if Mattel will fight this tooth and nail to keep this gorgeous doll on the shelf, I think that's one more tiny step towards progress.
Finally, I have to speak out as a mother of four children. Seriously now, when I take my children to Target, here is my experience:
  • Yes, they ask for toys. But I do not buy them every toy in the store, nor do I buy them everything they want. 
  • Yes, they often want age-inappropriate toys. But I did not buy them toys with small pieces before they were three, and I still do not allow M-rated video games in the house.
  • And no, the toys do not jump off the shelves into my cart without my knowledge. (Well, if I am alone, that might happen, especially at Target, since it can go under the "household" category in Quicken. But it's more like a case of my right hand not knowing what my left hand is doing.)
So if you don't like it, you'll be relieved to know that you don't have to buy it! It's as simple as that. Get over it. It's a doll. I'm just amazed at what passes as news. Isn't there anything more interesting to report? Though heck, it does make for an interesting blog post. ;)

Posh Girl

Posh Girl, originally uploaded by alington.
An older photo I somehow forgot to blog, this is Posh Girl, Misaki (FR Nippon by Integrity Toys), has finally been redressed after all this time. She's got the most fabulous aqua eye shadow.

She's wearing a dress from a Birthstone Barbie (probably March--Miss Aquamarine), one faux fur coats from the second Juicy Couture gift set and her original shoes.

See her full photo shoot on Flickr.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Vintage Talking PJ

Vintage Talking PJ, originally uploaded by alington.
Here is a slightly better shot of a 1969 vintage Talking PJ. She's been squeezed into a current playline Barbie swimsuit and coverup, and she's holding a martini. I think it's perfect for beach season.

I just adore this girl.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Vintage Barbies on Display

Glass diplay vintage Barbies, originally uploaded by alington.
It's mint green and blue month at my house. I would have just one color, if I had more outfits, quit spending so much money on BJDs, and actually sold unwanted dolls rather than trading them, I suppose. But what would be the fun in that?

From the left:
  • 1968 Brownette Talking Barbie in Zokko repro outfit
  • 1969 Talking PJ in a current playline outfit (flip flops and martinini glass were also included in the set of three outfits, and the clothes barely fit)
  • 1975 (rebodied) Free Moving PJ, also redressed in, current playline Barbie clothes which barely fit
  • 1968 Talking Barbie (brunette), wearing current playline Barbie dress and Barbie Basics accessory pack boots
Do you rotate your displays? Do you have themes or redress your dolls? How often?

You can see more photos of my May display on my Flickr photostream.

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