Thursday, May 27, 2010

New releases from Barbie - photos are here

In my regular newsletter from Vogue's Collectibles, and I was delighted to see several new photos in there. Both sets are ready for pre-order from your favorite Barbie dealer.

First, a set that is terribly tempting to the shoe fetish that reside deep in my sole, is the Christian Louboutin Shoe pack. This Gold Label set retails for $69.95 and includes nine pairs of adorable shoes (replicas of actual shoes from the Louboutin line) and a few shoe boxes. They are so cute. These are due to ship in September 2010.

Second, the next in line for the Ladies of the 80s series, Jennifer Beals from 1983's Flashdance. She retails for $39.95, and I believe she uses the Mackie face mold. Her outfit uses the sweatshirt and leg warmers. The chair isn't included, and the pillows are chipboard and a part of the packaging. My only comment here is one noted by Dolls of Color's latest blog, and that's the color of her skin--she's very white, which I find rather interesting, to say the least.
These aren't quite ready for pre-order yet. From the Barbie Basics line, we've seen photos of the new Barbie Basics Wave 2. I must add Wave 2 #2, as Steffie is a staple in this house. Additionally, I've finally found real promo photos of the Basic 1.5 Shoe Pack Accessory #8, which includes 18 pairs of shoes. CUte! Love the zebra! And more fun clothing, jacket, skirt and purse accessories are included in Basic Look 1.5 Accessory #5 set. Both retail for #22.99.
Photos property of Mattel.


  1. I'm disappointed in the Flashdance doll face mold choice - I think Jennifer Beals has a more narrow face. I would expect a light complexion, but not necessarily a pinkish one.

    Plus side, I love her hair. Not exactly like the 80s, but a cute curly style.

  2. 18 pairs of shoes? I am happy. Still want CL's shoes package except the price. sigh......That's CL!

  3. I know the feeling about the Louboutin shoes--I love them, but the price is so... couture. ;)

    D7ana, I also really think Flashdance's hair is cute. I usually like the Mackie face mold, but I'm a little surprised at how light it is--and it seems a little round to me, too.


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