Friday, May 7, 2010

New Barbies announced and available for pre-order!

Several new Barbies (and friends) have been announced. I heard about these from My Favourite Doll in Canada.
  • Mad Men Roger Sterling--Sterling Cooper partner's silver haired companion doll. He is ready for pre-order now, for $79.95. Estimated delivery is July 2010.
  • For you Twilight fans, I'm thrilled to announce the lovely Alice. With her wonderful short brown flip and golden eyes, she comes dressed in her standard fashionable outfit: a peasant blouse, velvet vest, and skinny jeans. She's available for pre-order for $34.95 with a fall 2010 delivery date.
  • Victoria is also available. Fashionably dressed in a glamorous coast, striped vest and purple blouse, and skinny jeans with black boots, don't let her beautiful fiery red curls distract you from her evil intentions. Retail price is $29.95 and she's expected in fall 2010 as well.
MFD will be closed for the holidays next week, from May 10-15. But they also advertise that they have both the Christian Louboutin Anemone Barbie in stock now, and will have Palm Beach Coral (Silkstone) next week.

Photos courtesy of Mattel/My Favourite Doll.

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  1. I've never followed the whole Twilight thing so I'm not that clear on who Victoria is really supposed to be all about but that doll looks pretty good for the money! Not only does her clothing look good but the doll herself looks like a keeper. Thanks for the heads up!


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