Monday, May 17, 2010

Vintage Barbies on Display

Glass diplay vintage Barbies, originally uploaded by alington.
It's mint green and blue month at my house. I would have just one color, if I had more outfits, quit spending so much money on BJDs, and actually sold unwanted dolls rather than trading them, I suppose. But what would be the fun in that?

From the left:
  • 1968 Brownette Talking Barbie in Zokko repro outfit
  • 1969 Talking PJ in a current playline outfit (flip flops and martinini glass were also included in the set of three outfits, and the clothes barely fit)
  • 1975 (rebodied) Free Moving PJ, also redressed in, current playline Barbie clothes which barely fit
  • 1968 Talking Barbie (brunette), wearing current playline Barbie dress and Barbie Basics accessory pack boots
Do you rotate your displays? Do you have themes or redress your dolls? How often?

You can see more photos of my May display on my Flickr photostream.

Red, White and Warm Barbie Barbie Vintage Repro 1969 Made for Each Other My Favorite Career Vintage Student Teacher Sixties Fun Barbie Vintage 1974 Mattel Three Floors Townhouse

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