Thursday, May 20, 2010

Vintage Talking PJ

Vintage Talking PJ, originally uploaded by alington.
Here is a slightly better shot of a 1969 vintage Talking PJ. She's been squeezed into a current playline Barbie swimsuit and coverup, and she's holding a martini. I think it's perfect for beach season.

I just adore this girl.


  1. I wanted to say that I love your dolls. I have a real fondness for the talkers even though they fall apart and are (usually) mute.

  2. Thanks! I have noticed that they are pretty delicate--maybe their age, or are they even more delicate that other vintage dolls? And I did have the good fortune to trade with a guy who fixes their voice boxes.

    I'm afraid for the rest of my collecting budget now. I have to admit, the two repros I have now--they just can't hold a candle to these real vintage girls.

  3. Definitely delicate. The arms of my talking Brad and talking Ken have fallen off and more than one Barbie talker of mine has lost her head (!) Still, despite this, they are one of my favorite vintage dolls.

  4. beutifull barbie segui asi !!!!


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