Saturday, May 15, 2010

Barbie Basics - Target Exclusives

Hang onto your hats--this adorable set of three Barbie Basics will be a fun Target exclusive available in the fall of 2010. The set will also include a red and white accessory pack and a second accessory pack.

Additionally, the Barbie Basics line will also release two more shoe packs and another Fashion accessory pack.

(Eeek--one of these ladies is Steffi, no bangs! And we actually don't have either of the other two dolls in black dresses yet, either. Love them--all three!)

Photo property of Mattel.

Barbie Collector Basics Model #008Barbie Basics Model #001  Barbie Collector Basics Model #003


  1. It's a great series and I look forward to getting them. I just wish Mattel would provide more clothes for these dolls. I don't care for the play line clothes.

  2. I know what you mean. It seems the Basics have too much class for play line clothes. I do like the accessory packs, and shoe packs. But I'd love to see some other clothing options as well.


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