Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tuesday Tea for Two

Goodreau Tinies as Alice, originally uploaded by alington.
In celebration of the holiday season, I thought I'd try Tuesday Tea for Two, a blogging tea party idea I saw at the Plumed Pen of Wanda Lee.

My two lovelies are both Goodreau resin ball-jointed dolls. Ashlyn is 5" tall, and is dressed in a one-of-a-kind mod Alice outfit created for her by Nancie at Nankatts. Her wig and shoes are by Goodreau. Adeline Joy is dressed in a an outfit for Snappy dolls (also created by Goodreau). Her wig is handmade by Michele Hardy. Tea set is a Rement set. The tray of cookies is from a Tiny Kitty Christmas Hat Box set (Tonner Doll Company).


  1. HOW FUN AND HOW SWEET! I've done a lot of digital art with fun dolly's with pink hair..,I love it!.., And that darling little tea set; perfect for Tuesday Tea For Two!..,

    I've been running all day, yet even if it's later, I will post your adorable picture..,

    So glad you could join us!..,

    Cheers, happy holidays and Merry Christmas from Silken Purse @ The Plumned Pen

  2. Thanks so much--and thanks for your visit. I love the idea! I hope to participate again! It's a fantastic idea, I think. :)
    (I need to take more tea-time photos!!)


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