Friday, February 5, 2010

Something Cool Isha, ready for Valentine's Day

Isha, originally uploaded by alington.
This doll always amazes me. I keep thinking I am going to sell her. In fact, when I was redressing her and shooting these photos, she was on my DollPage, dressed in her original outfit, ready to sell.

I have to confess, I'm the world's worst salesperson, and as I was uploading and editing these photos, I went to my DollPage and deleted her photo. I can't part with her! I just adore her. I need to spend more quality time with her.

I was hoping to use some of my FR dolls as leverage towards my growing expense of BJDs, but I just can't do it. Not yet. Maybe I will have to sell a kidney instead.

On that romantic note... Isha, usually dressed in green, has donned a Birthstone Barbie dress (I think this is Ruby's and it does actually snap in the back) for the upcoming romantic holiday. She's wearing Adele's jewelry from Paparazzi Bait and Flight Pattern Kyori's shoes, if you check out the rest of my Valentine's display case on Flickr.

The two dolls in the background are from the Elements of Surprise giftset, by the way--Eden and Lilth. Eden is wearing a Holiday Barbie dress from last year, and Lilith is dressed in a Dynamite Girl (Aria's) dress and her own lace gloves and dark trousers.


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