Thursday, February 18, 2010

More Barbie news

The next in the Ladies of the 80s series will be Jennifer Beals from Flashdance. (Woo hoo!) No photo is available yet, but the retail price is listed at $39.99 with a shipping date still to be determined.

Wave 2 of the Basic Black Barbies have also been introduced, and there are four more lovely ladies to choose from. These ladies will retail from $19.99-24.99. Shipping dates on these lovelies are also still to be announced. Their black gowns are taffeta, and are trimmed with hot pink.

  • #1 has long brunette hair with bangs, and a bubble skirt dress.
  • #2 (pretty sure this is a Steffie sculpt) has gorgeous red curls, and a strapless black dress with attached skirt.
  • #3 is wearing her nearly black hair in a short, modern bob, and has a asymmetrical gown with a ruffled shoulder. Instead of a pink belt, she has a pink bracelet.
  • #4 has a long platinum ponytail and a babydoll style gown with an empire waist.


  1. I'm dying to see photos of the Flashdance Barbie! I hope she can live up to the real thing :)

  2. Smidge Girl, you speak for me, too ;-D

    Wanna see "Flashie" as a character from "The Full Monty" called her.

  3. LOL, D7ana! :) I'm really excited for "Flashie," too!


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