Friday, February 12, 2010

2010 Barbie Line-up

It's looking promising. And I think I see some items of interest approaching fast this season from Mattel. Let me give you a breakdown (my retail prices my not be entirely accurate--I may need to update them later).

  • The two other Christian Louboutin dolls, Dolly Forever (Feb 2010) and Anemone (Summer 2010) have at least wonderful shoes. I actually like Anemone's purple and lime gown, as well. Both retail for $149.99.
  • The Mad Hatter doll from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland movie is pretty cool. I'm using MFD's photo, since they have a photo of the actual doll. Looks like he retails for $55.95, and will be available in February. I can't wait to see Alice!
  • Vintage Wizard of Oz line. These ladies are elegant, serene and lovely. Each doll retails for $45.95, I believe. Glinda includes a crown and a wand, the Wicked Witch has green skin and a broom, and Dorothy is holding a basket and her trademark ruby slippers. (These may be my very first vintage sculpt dolls. They are really adorable!) Delivery scheduled in summer 2010.
  • Barbie herself (maybe the Steffie sculpt) makes an appearance as a sassy Dorothy, complete with Toto in a cute, modern patent tote instead of a basket. She looks a little like St. Paulie's girl, but she'll look great with my modern Alice Barbie. Plus, she retails for $34.99, delivery in summer 2010.
  • Vintage Reproductions: My Favorite Fashion Queen is due to ship in June 2010, and she retails for $49.99. She includes her gold and white strapless swimsuit and head cover, plus three different wigs.
  • My Favorite Barbie American Girl with bendable legs and a cute brunette bob. She's adorable. $49.99 with a shipping date to be announced.
  • A wonderful new collection of couture Dolls of the World that I can see coming to live at our house. Big Ben (oh, do I love this girl's face), Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty all with delivery dates to be announced. $39.99 retail.
  • Couture Angel, shipping May 2010, $45.99.
  • Pop Icon Barbie, $39.99, shipping June 2010.
Photos property of Mattel.


    1. Hi Alison, it's great to see what's in store this season from Barbie. Tiny Louboutin shoes - wow! Not keen on the Dolls of the World personally - images of landmarks on dresses aren't something I'd go for. But have you seen the Palm Beach Coral doll? She's gorgeous!


    2. I saw the Palm Beach collection originally when the promo photos were released in October--and Coral is indeed lovely. I believe there is also a club doll who belongs in the same collection, too--she is Yellow, and very cute.

      Louboutin shoes are quite cute, though. It's so cool that Barbie works with so many designers. I'd love to see a Jimmy Choo Barbie, too. <3

      And I'd agree that oversized landmarks on gowns aren't to everyone's tastes! ;)

    3. When is the mia wasikowska Alice Barbie doll coming out?

    4. You know, I have looked everywhere for more news of the Alice Barbie, and I can't find any information on this doll anymore. I wonder if she has been postponed. I'll have to check with some of my doll dealers and find out for you!

    5. OK--the news from my Mattel dealer:
      "We had heard about Mattel's Alice also and did get a product code T2103 but no more details on avail date. The doll was dropped by January for some reason that eludes us and no more info has popped up."


    Thanks for your feedback!