Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Simone in Jenny's Shoes

Simone in Jenny's Shoes, originally uploaded by alington.

I did a little research this morning on Tiny Kitty/Simone Rouge and their shoe size. Tiny Kitty and Simone Rouge are 10" fashion dolls by Tonner Doll Company, and their feet are a little bigger than Barbie and Fashion Royalty dolls.

I did discover that these girls can share shoes with Takara Jenny, however. The photo above is Simone Rouge wearing a Birthday Club Jenny shoe.

And if they can share shoes with Jenny, they should also be able to share shoes with Momoko, Blythe, MiniGem (by Soom) and Dollfie Dream, too. Plus these dolls can share clothing and shoes with Madame Alexander's Coquette.

Do you own any of these dolls, and a Tiny Kitty or Simone? Would you be willing to test my theory, and let me know? I'd love to see the results in photos!

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