Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Shopping at Target

This weekend, I did some shopping with the girls at Target. I was hoping to find some collector Barbies or even some of the new Barbie Basics, but I was stunned to find a half-empty Barbie aisle, with the Basics line marked on clearance, and not a single one left in stock. (I haven't yet been able to locate a single Barbie Basics in real life in any of my local Target stores!)

But I did spot some other items of interest. The girls found several fun Barbies and new dolls that captured their attention.

Of course, Babysitter Barbie was of interest to all the kids, including my four year-old son. The toilet flushes (with very realistic sounds, I might add), and it apparently changes from yellow water to blue. (Ick!) But hey--anything to capture the hearts of young collectors, I suppose. My husband was quite amazed, too, thinking it would be a great gift for my brother. I believe this one was $19.99 for the set.

I loved this new Barbie--I don't know her name, but she's wonderful. She was only $12.99. She was displayed with some of the new So In Style dolls, but she was a single doll. Just gorgeous.

Then, there was a new fairy with spinning, light up wings that captured my six year-old's attention. This is an in-action photo, with Lauren pressing the button.

Then, I discovered some Rainbow Brite dolls--both larger ones, and then these smaller ones--in the same aisle with the new Strawberry Shortcake dolls. I don't think they look like how I remember Rainbow Brite, but that was long ago. And these are quite cute. Honestly, I don't remember the characters very well. Wasn't she a cartoon?


  1. Oh, lucky you, you've got the Rocawear Trichelle from the So in Style series. She's the third Trichelle in the series - the first being the sister pairs; the second being the hairdressing ones. I love her hair - nice to see it looking curly.

    Thanks for sharing, Alison!

  2. Oh--thanks for the info! She really is lovely!


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