Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Festive Decadence Agnes Von Weiss W Club Doll

If you've seen the gorgeous real-life photos of this doll on Shuga Shug's blog, and you've decided that you do, after all, need this girl, Festive Decadence is available new from Marl & B, and she's in stock for $215.99.

I've also heard rumors that this doll isn't as popular among Fashion Royalty collectors as some of the other club dolls, so you may also be able to get her for less from a private collector or from the secondary market.

Photo property of Integrity Toys.


  1. I love her I love her! Can't wait to get her!!! She's like an evil Snow White! hehehe

  2. LOL! An evil Snow White! OMG--that's why *I* liked her so much! :) You're hilarious!


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