Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Playline dolls at Target today...

I saw some dolls at Target today while I was shopping. I went to the Target in La Mesa, California (at Grossmont Center, for the curious), and I found several items of interest.

First, Kana, from the Juku Couture line, was listed at a clearance price of $6.98. If I'm not mistaken, I think these dolls originally retailed for around $10, since the signs listed everything as 30% off, but I think I've seen them maybe as high as $14.99 retail. So she seemed like a pretty good deal. They had several dolls, but I only saw Kana.

Next, for $10.99, I saw several Target exclusive dolls. They carried two versions of "Modern Princess," dolls, which were kind of pretty--particularly the brunette.

Then, I saw a caucasian only ballerina with her hair in a fancy curled up-do, which I thought was fun.

And finally, also for $10.99, I found a glamorous evening-wear Emmy awards Barbie. This girl was also only available as a caucasian blonde, unfortunately.

The last exclusive item was $12.99 for a set of two exclusive fairy dolls. One doll has pink hair and one has blue hair, and the set included a doll hair brush and a necklace as well. It was pretty cute, I have to admit.

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