Thursday, January 21, 2010

Barbie is embarrassed about an 80s photo...

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BarbieStyle's tweet this morning read,
"Someone just showed me this old pic from the 80's. OMG. If plastic could blush, I soooo would!"
from HootSuiteOh, wow. I'm so glad I subscribe to Barbie's tweets! Whatever would I do without this valuable information? Still, you have to admit it's a cute photo. And I got a little bit of a laugh out it this morning. Now, let me finish my coffee.


  1. Omigod. I totally played with that Barbie back in the day! If I recall correctly, I made her my "bathtub" Barbie. And she went swimming. A lot.

    Other dolls tried to wear that skin-tight workout jumpsuit, but few could muscle it up past their thighs.

  2. I think they are cute.

    And besides, I've got a shirt just like that. ...and pants.


  3. Amazing! They are ALL color coordinated. Even Ken.


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