Saturday, January 30, 2010

Brides of Dracula

The second series of couture dolls being designed and produced by Jason Wu and Integrity Toys and produced and marketed by Ashton-Drake for the Couture Fantasy line are the Brides of Dracula. According to My Favourite Doll, this line uses brand new face sculpts and a new body sculpt, but will be similar in size to the 12" Fashion Royalty body.

The first of three in the series is the lovely blonde Contessa (with yellow eyes), dressed in a deep burgundy gown, accented with a black corset and accessorized with black lace gloves.

Mina is dressed in black and red, a fitted jacket and a super short skirt with red tulle, finished with top hat and knee-high boots. Her black hair and crimson eyes are less overpowering when you see her exposed fangs.

Lucy is the youngest of the trio, and she is dressed in a gorgeous blue gown, trimmed with black. She has wonderful red hair and glowing crimson eyes.

These ladies are certainly both sexy and appealing to the goth fan! Each retail for $149.99.

Photos are property of Ashton-Drake and Integrity Toys.

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