Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Some more great deals from Amazon...

I found some more great deals while doing some Christmas shopping on Amazon. com today, as well. Check out these great deals, too:


  1. You've started your holiday shopping already? Jealous!

  2. Thanks for the alert!

    Hope you get great deals. I won't be able to for some time. Sigh.

  3. Call me a freak but, I Love the Tippi Hedron Barbie doll. Might have something to do with having seen "The Birds" when I was a child, and remembering it Terrified my whole family. Or maybe I just thought they were as terrified as I was? ;)

  4. Barbies4Sale!: I love the Tippi Hedron Barbie, too. I was scared to death of "The Birds" movie, too--my dad had me watch it when I was probably too young to really enjoy it, and it probably scarred me for life. I still can't stand large flocks of birds in the fall, LOL! But that doll is so tempting!! :)

  5. Thanks so much!

    I'm adding a link to yours my blog list, too. (Yours is pretty darn cool, too!)


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