Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dollystyle exclusive dolls by Integrity Toys

Two exclusive dolls created by Integrity Toys for the Dollystyle Convention in Japan, held November 21 and 22 were recently released. Unfortunately, both dolls are already sold out. However, you can buy them after market on Ebay (probably) and at this auction here.

The first is the companion doll Night Warrior Vanessa, shown above. Originally, she retailed for about $296.50. She's a limited edition of just 300 dolls, also.

Photos courtesy Dollystyle Magazine.

The second, also limited to 300 dolls, is Tokyo Here We Go Amelie, and she is the official FR Nippon convention doll. She's dressed in pink, and she originally retailed for $320.25.

In 2005, the first convention doll was a black dress version, also called Tokyo Here We Go with the Misaki face sculpt, with curly blonde hair. In 2006, Marui Misaki was released as a limited edition of 100 as a department store (ONE Shinjuku) exclusive, not as a convention doll, as I had formerly stated. (These dolls are just adorable!)

Photos courtesy Integrity Toys.


  1. omg... Night Warrior Vanessa is AMAZING!

  2. I believe the Misaki in the white dress was not a convention doll. She was a department store exclusive called Marui Misaki and a LE of only 100.

  3. Thanks, Terri--you're right. :)


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