Thursday, November 19, 2009

Flight Pattern Kyori

Flight Pattern Kyori, originally uploaded by alington.
My first Fashion Royalty doll (in a long while, at least!) has finally arrived. I pre-ordered her with Reluctant Debutante Poppy Parker, who took her sweet time.

Flight Pattern Kyori is quite lovely, and is my first FR doll with the HandSpeak system. While it's a little creepy to have an extra set of hands, I like the extra poses they allow.

Kyori's hair desperately needs a rinse, but it's a lovely color and length. I hope it stays wavy. Her face paint is muted and soft--a nice juxtaposition to her strong, angular outfit. The black patent skirt is super short and opens in the front for easy walking and posing. The jacket closes in front with hooks. I wish the outfit included a bra top or camisole underneath, however.

I am impressed with her adorable shoes and her fun gunmetal crystal earrings and bracelet. And fishnets give her outfit some extra pizazz. She's a very pretty doll.

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  1. I gots her too! I love her... and yeah, hair totally needs a rinse - it's so stiff!


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