Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Integrity Toys Basic Editions available now...

ITBE dolls are available now -- and these 12" dolls are getting great reviews from collectors I know. They retail for about $25 (a terrific price for a collector doll).

They aren't incredibly articulated, but they do have hidden click-bend mechanisms in their legs, which makes them easier to pose than Barbie Model Muse-type dolls and gives their legs a gorgeous shape. Their arms don't bend, however. Their bust-size is between Fashion Royalty and NuFace dolls, so they too can share clothes with Barbie.

You should check out the new promotional photos at Integrity's web site. Plus, I highly recommend checking out some real life photos on Flickr. There are quite a few terrific photos there.

If you're a fan of Monsieur Z dolls, you'll probably like the facial sculpts on these girls, too. They aren't quite as dramatic as Monsieur Z (in fact, they are much more realistic, I think), but they do remind me a bit of some of the older Monsieur Z dolls. And at their $25 price tag, this is definitely a terrific starting off point for beginning collectors to get into the Integrity market!

Images courtesy of Integrity Toys.

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