Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Barbie Loves Mimco accessories - more gift ideas

I found this link from one of Barbie's Tweets. (Yes--Barbie has a Twitter account. Are you in the know?) This site, Mimco (in Australia), has a fantastic (and pricey) selection of wonderful and exclusive accessories for the Barbie fan (or drama queen or princess) in your life. A few of my personal favorites:

  • The Glamour Barbie Traveller Tote: This is available in several designs: Bedside Barbie (white with baby pink dots), High Flyin' Barbie (yellow with white dots), Sunshine Barbie (hot pink and black stripe) and Glamour Barbie (classic black with gray stripes). Choose your favorite! Retail is $120.45 USD.
  • The Cambridge Ballet Flats feature an exclusive polyester satin print with faceted zebra buttons on the toes. Retail is $215.77 USD. Dress up your feet like Barbie would, if she didn't have to walk in heels.
  • The Barbie Wish Upon A Star Charm is another must-have for the girl who has everything. One side is fuchsia, the other black. Both are decorated with Swarovski crystals, so you can sparkle like Barbie herself. Retail $129.12.
Images courtesy Mimco.

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