Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Glimmer of Gold Barbie

Glimmer of Gold Barbie, originally uploaded by PrinceDonte.
The first Platinum Label™ Barbie Fan Club Exclusive, Glimmer of Gold™ doll will go on sale tomorrow, April 14, 2010 at 9:00 AM PST. The doll was created exclusively for fan club members, and is available at the price of $84.95. Items are limited one per fan club member.

She's dressed in Grecian-style draped ivory cocktail dress embellished with gold embroidery, gold shoes and coordinating purse and earrings. The listing on BarbieCollector states that the fashion is actually designed for Silkstone® dolls, so she must be using a new facial sculpt. I think she's gorgeous. Almost pretty enough to make me join the Barbie Fan Club!


  1. Does she remind anyone of the Fashion Royalty dolls? I mean, she's pretty and striking - like the new face mold slready, but ... I'm getting a FR air.

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  3. You know--it's Eugenia, isn't it? Just her face is a little more narrow than Eugenia's. I think that's it. (I really like Eugenia, so I bet that's why I was so drawn to this doll, also--and no, I didn't buy her! Did you hear she sold out in something like 19 minutes?)


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