Tuesday, April 27, 2010

1968 Vintage Talking Barbie, Brownette

One of my new additions, she's older than I am. :) Can I just say... I'm smitten?

She's a brownette 1968 Talking Barbie, and yes, she actually talks. I got her nude, and I need to probably find some real vintage clothing for her next--as soon as my budget starts to recover. She's in very nice condition--her face has yellowed a bit, compared to the rest of her body, but her hair and rooted eye lashes (and talking!) distract me so much from this that I just can't help but love her to pieces!

For those of you who haven't been following my budget issues, you can read about them on my blog. Click on Newer Post for the next one. There are three posts about this issue, if you're interested, or if you are currently arguing with your loved one about your dolly dollars. Read through my posts and then you can talk to your significant other and claim, "Look at this girl. I'm not nearly as bad as she is!"

See the rest of this lovely lady's photos on Flickr.

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