Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mad Men Barbies announced for 2010

Three new Barbies have been announced for 2010 with a Mad Men theme from the Fashion Model Collection. They are available for preorder now from your favorite Mattel dealer:
  • Don Draper (shipping June) retail $74.95. Don comes dressed in a spiffy gray suit, white dress shirt, striped tie, fedora hat, brown trench coat and faux leather briefcase.
  • Joan Halloway (shipping June) retail $74.95. June is dressed in a navy knee-length skirt and blouse with a belt, red scarf with gold pin and gold jewelry, and black bag and pumps.
  • Betty Draper (shipping June) retail $74.95. Betty is dressed in a floral printed cocktail dress with a bubble hem, with a gray ruched bodice and large bow and shoes. She's wearing a string of elegant pearls for accessories.
Image property of Mattel.


  1. Alison, you rock! Thanks for sharing this information.

    No, I don't watch this series, but I LOVE the older male doll(s). The suits look great, too. But a gray haired playscale man and a 30ish man - gggggrrrreeeeeaaaatttt!

  2. Oh Awesome! Now there is a redhead doll done right...

  3. D7ana, I really like the guy with silver hair, too--but I haven't seen any info about him yet! I'll keep you posted!

    Cimmi, I adore the redhead, too. She oozes class. ;)


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