Friday, March 26, 2010

1983 Fabulous Fur

1983 Fabulous Fur, originally uploaded by alington.
Fabulous Fur Barbie, restyled and cleaned-up. I'm so happy with how she's turned out. (My first attempt at restoration!) She's a doll that's been in my family since 1983, when my sister bought her with her own money (when she was... seven maybe?). I don't think I can save much of her outfit--just a few pieces. She still has her ring, though. And her body is in great shape, and her hair--wonderful!

And I think she loves her new look, courtesy of Jason Wu of Fashion Royalty (Integrity Toys). Details are:
  • Dress is from Paparazzi Bait (Adele)
  • Earrings and trench from Bewitching Hour (Luchia)
  • Shoes from Flight Pattern (Kyori)
Check out her before photo here (I hope she's forgiven me all these years of neglect, in my mother's closet):

So, which do you prefer? You can check out the rest of her photo shoot on my Flickr photostream.

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