Sunday, March 7, 2010

2010 ITBE photos are up!

Integrity Toys is busy updating the website with its 2010 collection. The first new additions I've found are the new 2010 Integrity Toys Basic Editions. There are five new dressed dolls. All are limited editions of 1000:
  • Desirable, a platinum caucasian dressed in a black cocktail dress with matching belt and pumps, and silver bracelet.
  • Luscious, an African American doll with black hair piled in a dramatic up-do, dressed in an elegant white dress with puffed shoulders, belt and bracelet, and white pumps.
  • Complicated, a caucasian doll with honey blonde hair in a double-layer royal blue dress with black trim, black pumps.
  • Confident, a caucasian doll with light red hair, in a chic belted pink shirt dress, gold bracelets and pink platform sandals.
  • Romantic, a caucasian brunette doll with long hair, wearing a flowing pink day dress with ruffled trim at the neckline, bracelet, and pink open-toe sling back shoes. 
If the clothing looks half as good as the promotional photos, I think we'll be in for a real treat for these lovelies. Last year, ITBEs ran for $25 each. I wonder if they will be increasing the price, due to the detailing of the outfits. They look really nice, I have to admit!

Update: Since this original post, I have discovered that these new 2010 ITBE dolls will be sold for $25 retail. Hooray!
Photo property of Integrity Toys.

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