Saturday, March 27, 2010

1970s era PJ

1974 or 1975 PJ, originally uploaded by alington.
She was a $5 thrift store find, who needed a little help with clean up and some hair restyling. She is a little loose at the torso, and has a bite mark on one of her legs. But I couldn't pass up her sweet face.

My second ever Barbie "restoration," and my very first "real vintage" Barbie. It hardly counts, as she cleaned up so easily, it was almost scary. I had a blast! I'm totally going to be stalking yard sales now.

For ID purposes--maybe you, dear readers, can help:
  • She has "Mattel 1974 Taiwan" (or possibly 1971) printed on the inside rim of her head. 
  • No pull tab on her back torso, so unless she's been rebodied, I don't think she's the Free Movin' PJ (1975), though she looks a lot like her.
  • Her hair curls easily, but it doesn't feel very wiry, even though she also looks like a Quick Curl Deluxe PJ from 1975.
She's dressed in a Dressmaker Details gown here (Blushing Bride). You can see more of this photo shoot on Flickr.

Oh yes, and her before photo here:


  1. She really looks like a Free Moving P.J. Head/Body switches are not unknown.

  2. Thanks! Would her hair have a rooted part all the way down the back of her head, or only half way? (I think she looks like a FM, too.)

  3. She originally had two ponytails on either side of her head with little beads around the bands. Malibu P.J. from the Sun Set-series in the 70's.

  4. Kathryn, do you think this one is a Malibu PJ? Thanks for the input--I really know nothing about this era of Barbie, LOL!

    Is she tan enough? And her hair is right?

  5. I don't know. She looks too pale to be part of the Malibu series, and their eyes tended to be pale or blue.


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