Friday, March 19, 2010

Barbie Basic No 5

Basic Black No 5, Lea, originally uploaded by alington.
I've foolishly taken the plunge into Barbie Basics. For a $20 investment, you get a gorgeous doll with a basic black dress. I also found the Trends Accessories pack, filled with hot pink, turquoise and black and white shoes, belts, a purse, scarf and other items. It's a really fun combination.

This is Barbie Basic #5, the Lea sculpt. I think I'll take her hair down from the pony tail at some point. But she is just lovely as she is, too.

See the rest of her photo shoot on Flickr.


  1. I haven't given into these, yet, but she is my favorite! Was that bracelet part of the accessories pack? Can't wait to see her let her hair down!

  2. Thanks--I love her, too. And yes, the pink bracelet was part of the accessories pack.

    Toys R us is having a (horrible) promotion right now--through today--that if you spend $50 in Barbie items and accessories, you get $15 in Barbie Bucks to use the week of 3/21-28, I think.


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