Friday, October 23, 2009


Welcome to my brand new blog, the Barbie Queue.

This blog will be my primary spot for reporting new information on 10-12" fashion dolls. If you have a fashion doll-related website, I'd love to exchange links with you. And if I'm not already following your fashion doll blog (and you don't see it listed here), let me know!

I have two other blogs you might find enjoy:
  • The Fashion Doll Review now covers taller fashion dolls, such as Tonners, and also includes information on ball jointed dolls. 
  • Plus, I'm apparently a Voice of the Industry for Dolls Magazine, and I post to the Doll Addiction blog weekly. This blog is focused on the humorous side of doll collecting, as well as relationship issues.
Follow me on Twitter, and check real life photos on Flickr and many more on my Mobile Me gallery.

I am not affiliated with Barbie, Integrity Toys, Tonner Doll or any other toy company in any way. I am a hobbyist, and will be posting promotional photos only as a fan. The opinions stated on this blog are mine, and mine alone. Also, I may occasionally post a price, release date or rumor that might not be 100% correct--and I apologize in advance!

Also, I won't be selling anything from this website. Feel free to click on my ads, though! Any little bit helps.

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