Saturday, October 24, 2009

Palm Beach Silkstone Barbies

Several new 2010 Silkstone Barbies have been announced, and you can see their preview photos on your favorite Mattel dealer's website, and preorder them now.
  • Dressed in a daring fuchsia and orange bikini with adorable pink shoes, the variegated blonde Palm Beach Swimsuit Barbie retails at $52.95, February 2010.
  • I like Palm Beach Caftan Barbie's micro sequin details and beaded earrings, as well as her bright 1960s-inspired eye shadow. $76.95 retail, available March 2010. 
  • Palm Beach Sugar Daddy Ken retails for $74.95 and will ship April 2010. He sports a jacquard-patterned lime green jacket, pink polo shirt and white dress pants. He even includes his own dog.
  • Palm Beach Coral Barbie looks ready for an evening out in her long white gown with elegant embroidery and beaded details. $149.95 retail, available May 2010.
What a wonderful way to warm up the late winter with these lovely colors! Though, Sugar Daddy Ken? He even has the silver hair to match. Oh my. (I can see me answering the questions now: "Mommy, what's a sugar daddy?")

Image courtesy of Mattel.


  1. Sugar Daddy Ken - mine oh mine ;-D

  2. LOL, D7ana! (If only he were real...)

    How does that Fleetwood Mac song go? Isn't there one that Christine McVie sings call Sugar Daddy?

  3. I really like the look of the girls, can't wait to see RL pics.
    I also read somewhere there's going to be another Palm Beach Silkstone named Yellow and is a club doll. Do you know anything about her?

  4. Unfortunately, I'm not a Barbie Club member (yet), so I haven't heard yet--I hadn't heard about this doll! Let me know if you find out about her, though--she sounds great! :)


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