Friday, October 23, 2009

Hand-sewn Barbie dresses

For my first post, I thought I'd share two dresses that my daughters made last week. Lauren, who is five, designed the one modeled by Birthstone Barbie Amethyst. She used fabric from my quilting stash, 100% cotton, in a tiny checkerboard print. My friend and designer/seamstress Jen Eugley, a fashion student, was visiting for the day, and she helped Lauren make a sketch first, then also made the gown from scratch--without a pattern.

Kate, my eight year-old, chose to do a Princess Peach-inspired look. She drew her own sketch and chose the fabrics, also from my quilting stash. Jen helped modify the design, assisted with cutting out the dress (also without a pattern), and then helped Kate with sewing and finishing. The model is a June Birthstone Barbie, Pearl, with a gorgeous new hairdo by Elizabeth. (Kate's original model for Princess Peach was actually March, who is blonde and blue-eyed, but I couldn't find her for this photo shoot.)

I was quite impressed to see both dolls dressed in an afternoon. I don't think an iron was ever turned on, and the majority of the work was done by machine. Most of the work the girls could do by themselves--or at least, Jen was gracious enough to let them think they did it themselves. It was very sweet, and the outfits came out very cute. The girls are so proud of themselves!


  1. I'm following you here, and I've switched this blog for the Fashion Doll Review blog in my Blog List at PhillyCollector.

    I see the link to my blog here. Thanks for transferring it here.

  2. Great! Thanks! I'll keep links to your blog both places, if that's all right with you.

  3. They should be proud of themselves! These are great.


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